january 2010

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Friday 1.1

Lunch: rice noodles with pak choi, chilli, peanuts, oyster sauce

We had been for the traditional New Years Day ride, starting at 845am, at -5 degrees.

Dinner: Goose liver, butter beans, cabbage-bacon-juniper, mashed potato

The liver I had cooked last week, as a sort of confit, I froze it in the fat. We had the rest of the d"Angludet, fabulous.. Last bottle we had seemed a bit old, but this one was in top condition

Sloe gin jelly, amaretti

The sloe gin is years old. I'd forgotten about it. There is a danger it gets bitter if left too long, I think that's what I read, but this seemed fine. I used 3 sheets of Costa gel, 250ml liquid (5 tbs sloe gin and the rest water). The set is a bit firm, but ok, maybe worth trying a tiny bit less gel.

Saturday 2.1

Lunch: At Mike and Philippa's

Dinner: chicken, mushrooms, shallots in sherry and cream with a little truffle oil, fried almonds, linguine, peas

Raspberries in Framboise, amaretti, cream

Sunday 3.1

Lunch: spag with aubergine, chilli, tomatoes, feta

manky things from the fridge

Dinner: tartiflette, little gem salad

Mango in a syrup of limeleaves, lemongrass, chilli, white rum

Monday 4.1

Fish soup

Salad of rocket, grilled aubergine, bacon, avocado; ciabatta

Tuesday 5.1

Risotto with prosciutto and broad beans

hey guess what it snowed today so we had this lovely summery risotto. but Colin had bought some prosciutto for the tartiflette and this is what I thought to do with it.

Quince tart

from freezer

Wednesday 6.1

Fried mushrooms on toast

Jerus, pearl barley, chorizo, parsley dumplings

rather a brown food day. the main course was more or less the Nigel Slater recipe from the sunday paper. I don't often do dumplings, last time didn't work. This recipe had flour+butter rather than suet. I used 3/4 oz butter and 1.5 oz SR flour, they got cooked about 25 mins. They are nice. There is still a lot of snow about

Thursday 7.1

Smoked salmon, cucumber with dill and shallot, potatoes with mustard and olive oil

fried xmas pud and brandy sauce

Friday 8.1

Watercress and bacon, mustard dressing

Confit of duck, barley with barberries and cauliflower

the barley was a bit boring but we're too tired and cold and constrained by the snow to do much that's exciting

Saturday 9.1

Lunch: pasta with cauli and cheese sauce, gratinated

Dinner: Aubergine slices with tomato, anchovy, pine kernels

Rack of lamb with herb crust, dauphinoise with truffle, green beans

Sunday 10.1

Lunch: spag with tomato and garlic

Dinner: Beef in guinness with pickled walnuts, braised red cabbage, mashed potato

Grilled peaches, cream and creme de peche, amaretti

Monday 11.1

Veloute of Jerusalems (with onion, lentil, a teeny bit of fenugreek, cream)

WR fishcakes tartare sauce, green beans, fried potatoes

I have a horrible cold so Colin has to do all the shopping and cooking. A skive but I wouldn't wish this particular cold on anyone.

Tuesday 12.1

Risotto with sundried tomatoes and dolcelatte, little gem

Poached peaches, toasted brioche, cream

Wednesday 13.1

Fish soup

Lamb shoulder with ras, courgettes, couscous

Thursday 14.1

Sardines with tomato on toast

Chickpeas, chorizo, spinach, chilli, potatoes

Friday 15.1

Watercress, bacon, creme fraiche tart; peas and potatoes

We were to have had John and Val round but turns out my cold is most likely swine flu. This was to be the starter. It's from Sybil Kapoor's book, Taste. It's good, even when you've lost your appetite like I have.

Chestnut cake

And this is from David E-M's Dessert book. I did 3/4 the quantities in a 8" cake tin so I think his quantities are a bit much for the 8" tin specified in the book. It is a great recipe, light and moist. The lemon zest really lifts it.

Saturday 16.1

Lunch: linguine, anchovies, tomato

Dinner: Steak, mushrooms, fried potatoes, green beans

Chestnut sorbet, pears fried in butter

Sunday 17.1

Lunch: spag with chorizo, tomato

Dinner: leek and potato soup

Chicken, tomato and cream , polenta cakes, courgettes

Monday 18.1

Fish soup

Flageolet beans, truffle, prosciutto crudo, bread

Tuesday 19.1

Pork burgers, Sri Lanka curry sauce, rice, pak choi

Quince tart, creme fraiche

Wednesday 20.1

WR mackerel and gooseberry pate

Sausages, red onion confit, peas, mash

Thursday 21.1

cabbage parcels with chicken and oyster sauce, shitake mushrooms, water chestnuts, rice

I had bought a chicken carcass and cooked it - there was a decent amount of meat. Used some of the stock in this too.


Friday 22.1

Watercress with dolcelatte dressing

Spag bolo

Saturday 23.1

Lunch: dhal/cabbage (T) polenta cake (C)

Dinner: WR smoked salmon and spinach tartlets

Cod, pea puree, samphire, fried potatoes

Sunday 24.1

Lunch: spag garlic oil (C)

Steak, red wine, horseradish, cream etc, rice

I just had rice, I'm ill with something else

Monday 25.1

Dinner: Chicken, mushrooms with cream ham, rice

I just had a little chicken and rice

Tuesday 26.1

curry of prawns, tamarind, tomatoes, cilantro; sweetcorn, rice

I just had dhal and rice

Wednesday 27.1

Leek and potato soup

Spag with cream ham garlic; peas

Thursday 28.1

cod, red pepper and chorizo chilli, courgettes, potatoes

WR Chocolate and orange tart

Friday 29.1

Chicken, leeks ham and creme fraiche, pasta

WR tart

Saturday 30.1

Lunch: spag with chilli and tomatoes

Dinner: YP Beetroot soup (C)

Chicken, smoked aubergine and red pepper, courgettes, pasta

Sunday 31.1

Lunch: spag

Dinner: YP Beetroot soup (C)

Fish, peas, mashed potatoes

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