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Thursday 1.1

Lunch: sprouts, chorizo, onion with fried potatoes and jerusalems

Dinner: beetroot tarte tatin with chevre and walnuts

this was very good. I made caramel with 1.5 tbs sugar, used 2 medium cooked beetroot and a smallish onion which I had cooked in balsamic. Pastry 3/4oz butter, 1.5oz flour. The beetroot stuck a bit in the pan. It wasn't too sweet

Oxtail, parsnips roasted in dripping, chard, baked Shetland potatoes

... getting the New Year healthy eating off to a good start

Friday 2.1

Dinner: Duchy Beetroot and dill soup

Risotto of porcini, flat mushrooms, fried squash, with peas

Saturday 3.1

Lunch: barley cooked in some of the oxtail gravy, parsnips fried in dripping

Dinner: Ate out

Sunday 4.1

Lunch: spag with tomatoes, Turkish pepper sauce, cream, yoghurt

Dinner: Duck breasts with sauce of mushrooms and framboise, sugar snaps

Isis cheese

Monday 5.1

Beefburgers, sauce of tomatoes, pepper, chilli, fried courgettes, pasta

Cherries in kirsch, cream, amaretti

Tuesday 6.1

Curried Parsnip soup

Roast red peppers with green lentils, chilli, tomato, olives, capers, basil; rocket, shetland potatoes partly roasted

Wednesday 7.1

Feta, Squash and broad beans in dried lime sauce, quinoa, rocket

this was adapted from a salad recipe from Ottolenghi in the paper last weeked. I ground a whole dried lime and used that to make a sauce, also chilli..

Figs and Iranian dates in sour orange syrup, toasted walnuts, soured cream

.. syrup had a little cinnamon and cloves too

Thursday 8.1

Pork, lentils in cream and mustard, potatoes, watercress

Lemon Meringue

Friday 9.05

Ate out

Saturday 10.1

Lunch: red cabbage, bacon, pelmeni

Red chicory, pine kernels

Rack of lamb, olive crust, aubergine puree, roast new potatoes

Sunday 11.1

Lunch: spag wih garlic, cream, basil

Dinner: WR dolmades

Falafel, red pepper and tomatoes, fried new potatoes with garlic and chilli

Monday 12.1

Spanish pork, fried courgettes, rice

Pineapple, chilli, coconut milk

Tuesday 13.1

Ate out

Wednesday 14.1

Mushrooms and chestnuts, sprouts and chorizo, pearl barley

Christmas pud, brandy sauce

Thursday 15.1

Simon, Dinah, Amelia

Tart of Onion, smoked bacon, creme fraiche

Pheasant slow-cooked with garlic and olives, peas, pasta

Ginger cake, poached pears


Chocolates filled with smoked chilli jelly

Friday 16.1

Fried "pancakes" of carrot, gram flour, sesame seeds; watercress, bulghar wheat with Turkish pepper sauce

Ginger cake, creme fraiche, sultanas and ginger in rum

Saturday 17.1

Lunch: Chowder of potato, sprouts, smoked bacon, onion, Thai oyster sauce

Dinner: Scallops fried with a drop pf maple, Jerusalem puree; fried peanuts and chilli

Hare legs cooked in ale, with saffron; savoy cabbage with sichuan pepper, mashed potato

the sichuan pepper has a bitter note which clashed slightly with the other bitter flavours

Sunday 18.1

reakfast: smoked bacon, tomato, smoked chilli jelly

Lunch: spag with sauce of pheasant scraps

Dinner: Chicken breasts stuffed with black pudding, braised little gems, Baguette

Pave and cremr fraiche

Monday 19.1

Bruschette with tomatoes, chilli, chevre


Tuesday 20.1

Baxters Royal Game soup

Beefburgers, sauce of blue cheese and cream, sugar snaps, gnocchi

Wednesday 21.1

Bruschette with onion, anchovies, olives

Blackeye beans cooked with ginger garlic chilli, then added tamarind, fried peanuts, kale; rice

Thursday 22.1

At Rolf's

Friday 23.1

Ate out

Saturday 24.1

Lunch: Bulghar wheat with kale, feta, caraway, garlic, chilli

Dinner: Lasagne with pork and porcini ragu; green salad

I had made double quantities of the ragu and this was the half we froze. I made the lasange sheets using 5oz flour and 1 egg

Rhubarb crumble, white chocolate sauce

Sunday 25.1

Lunch: Potato pancakes with smoked salmon trimmings, creme fraiche, green salad with horseradish

Dinner: WR lobster bisque

Fish in parma ham with truffle oil, roast jerusalems and roast baby new potatoes, confit tomatoes

Monday 26.1

Braised beef in Guinness with pickled walnuts, red cabbage in red wine with sour cherries, mashed potato

Pears with cream, Poire W., amaretti

Tuesday 27.1

Crostini with artichokes and anchovies

Gratin of sweet potato, jerusalems, gorgonzola; green beans

Wednesday 28.1

fava bean cakes, tomato, red pepper and harissa, salad lettuce and yoghurt

4oz dried beans cooked and pureed, lemon zest, 50z potato cooked and mashed, 4tbs semolina, egg yolk; whisked egg white. Misture was a bit wet but it cooked ok with a little care, and the cakes were very light

Quince and cream

Thursday 29.1

Haggis, neeps and tatties, onion and Guinness gravy

Toasted and caramelised oatflakes with some cooked dried fruit and ginger, whipped cream and Caol Ila

Friday 30.1

Dinner: Ate out

Saturday 31.1

Lunch: Ate out

Dinner: Cabbage stuffed with haggis, puree of green split peas, pickled plums, mash with mustard

Fool of Rhubarb, red and white currants, crystallised ginger

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