february 2013

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Friday 1.2

Ate out

Storyteller, with John

Saturday 2.2

Lunch: black pepper tofu, rice noodles

Colin is away

Dinner: mango and pumpkin curry, vietnamese pancakes, chilli sauce, turnip and cabbage salad

pancakes from plenty - they are a bit fragile if they are too big

Sunday 3.2

Lunch: Mum

Wild salmon, lime-lime leaf-lemongrass-cream sauce, courgettes, new potatoes

Pear in chocolate sauce

Dinner: Leek fritters, buttermilk sauce

Monday 4.2

salmon, soba noodles with broc, turnip, red onion, sesame sauce

again from plenty

Tuesday 5.2

lentils, gorgonzola; fried potatoes

pear and choc sauce

Wednesday 6.2

chickpea fritter, tahini and yoghurt, chilli jelly

Thursday 7.2

chickpeas, chard, tamarind stew; fried potatoes

pancake, honey, lemon

Friday 8.2

chickpeas chorizo chard peppers red chilli cumin; fried potatoes

rhubarb ginger fool

Saturday 9.2

Lunch: Chicory gratin, fried potatoes

Dinner: Ate out

Bras Blanc with Diana and Martin

Sunday 10.2

Lunch: soba noodles, cabbage, sesame sauce

Dinner: Leek fritters, pickled peppers, caper sauce

Sweetbreads, Madeiera sauce, chicory, polenta

Monday 11.2

fried polenta, peppers

sweetbreads, mushroooms in cream, spinach, new potatoes

Tuesday 12.2

pancakes with bacon, spinach, mushroom

pancakes with lemon and sugar

Wednesday 13.2

halloumi, turnip turkish-style, tabbouleh

chestnut cake, cream

Thursday 14.2

taramasalata, pitta

roast squash with lemon and herb crumbs, halloumi, rocket, quinoa

Friday 15.2

ate out


Saturday 16.2

Lunch: asparagus, gorgonzola, pinoli ravioli

Dinner Claire

Leek fritters, sour cream and herbs, roast sweet potato, rocket, pepperonata

Maple syrup cake, cream

recipe from internet which did not work..

Sunday 17.2

Lunch: leek fritters etc left over

Dinner: Phoenix and Pat's

Chinese hotpot, for new year of the snake

Monday 18.2

aubergines, pinoli, halloumi, salad, ciabatta

wr cheesecake?

Tuesday 19.2

wr sweetcorn fritters


Wednesday 20.2


Pot roast guinea fowl, leeks, mushrooms; new potatoes

Rhubarb crumble and cream

Cornish brie, Cheshire

Thursday 21.2

Fried squash, rice pilaff with barberries and peanuts, spinach with lime and olive oil

Quinces, cream, shortbread

Friday 22.2

Ate out

Thai Brasserie, with Michael

Saturday 23.2

Lunch: pseudo-Mexican gfowl, black bean, polenta soup

Dinner: duck confit, salad of watercress, roast beetroot, blood orange; roast potato, puy lentils with 5-spice

nice Burgundy

tamarind mousse, maple syrup, caramelised pecans

mousse was: 1 egg 4floz cream, 1tsp tamarind, 2tbs sugar, 1.5 leaves gelatine. I made custard with the egg yolk, (with sugar, tamarind) melted the gel into it, whisked egg wtie and stirred in. Texture was quite firm, probably ok. Flavour a bit mild so we could dare a bit more tamarind next time

Sunday 24.2

Lunch: posh sausage ravioli, tomato sauce

Colin went to WR, Tracey went on a very cold ride to Guiting in the actual snow well not that much snow

Dinner: gratin of cabbage, mushroom, porcini, gruyere; mashed potato

Pancakes, peaches, cream

Monday 25.2

Seabass fried, fennel with tomatoes and olives, sugar snaps, potato

poached figs, cream, fried pistachios

Tuesday 26.2

venison and lentil soup (from WR)

cauli with saffron, linguine with ras and pine kernels

Wednesday 27.2

carrot and tarragon soup

lamb with olives and pearl barley, carrots

from freezer

Thursday 28.2

Michael and Helen

aubergines with yoghurt and pomegranate

roast sweet potato and beetroot; salad of rocket, mint, dill, blood orange, walnuts

set yogh with rosewater, cardamom honey

I used 3 leaves gel, 2.5 tbs rosewater for 20floz yog. Flavour not too overpowering. Used a mixture of Greek-style and 0-fat yogh.

Cornish brie and Keens cheddar

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