December 2012

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Saturday 1.12

Lunch: thai rice noodles, sugar snaps, tahini sauce

Dinner: sweet potato gnocchi, cockles and bacon, spinach

this was great, potato was about 14oz, I put in about 3-4 oz flour. This was just right, they were very light

Sunday 2.10

Lunch: spag with leeks and olives

Dinner: WR boreks

fish stew, bread, fennel

Monday 3.12

risotto of lobster and mushroom, green beans

pineapple, ginger syrup, Bacardi

Tuesday 4.12

WR quinoa soup

WR venison casserole, beetroot and ginger, pearl barley

Wednesday 5.12

pigeon breasts in pom. molasses; bulghar pilaff with pomegranate seeds, green beans

mango fried in coconut lard

Thursday 6.12

carrot and tarragon soup

baked mushrooms, breadcrumb and parmesan; celeriac pancake, ps broc.

Friday 7.12 Ate out

Thai Bras

Saturday 8.12

Lunch: dhal and WR paratha

Dinner: Ivan's party

Sunday 9.12

Lunch: At Margaret's

Dinner: tuna, quinoa, tomato-redpepper-orange sauce, courgettes

colin says e used 1tsp orange juice but it could do with more

Monday 10.12

Salad of rocket, sweet potato, red peppers and chilli, brie, sesame

Grilled peaches, creme fraiche, amaretti

Tuesday 11.12

wr sweet potato felafel

mushrooms in sherry and cream, polenta, peas and lettuce

Wednesday 12.12

Ate out

Daphne, with my branch

Thursday 13.12

couscous with courgette, peppers, chickpeas, big raisins, fried almonds

set yog flavoured with orange, oraneg flower water; pomegranate seeds

Used 1 leaf gelatine which is not enough

Friday 14.12

5-spice chicken, cavolo nero, soba noodles

grilled peaches with almond cream (toasted ground almonds, sugar, cream, Amaretto)

Saturday 15.12

Lunch: pasta with lemon, cream, olives

Dinner: smoked salmon with beetroot fritters and mustard mayo

nigel slater recipe from newspaper, looks as tho the fritters won't stick together but they just about do

baked red peppers, aubergine, brie, pine kernels (yum); salad

Sunday 16.12

Lunch: pasta with cavolo nero and bacon (and balsamic) - good

Dinner: John

sweet potato gnocchi, walnut and sage sauce, goat cheese

17 oz (unpeeled) sweet potato, microwaved then dried a bit in the over. 3-4 oz flour plus a little more for dusting - perfect.

pigeon breasts, girolles and oyster mushrooms, mashed potato, chard

Quince and cream

cheddar, wensleydale, vacherin

John brought Rasteau and we had a Barolo; John's was better

Monday 17.12

sweet potato and spinach sort of curry with tahini-based sauce; rice noodles

choc and pear cake

then Tracey had mince pies at Michael and Helen's carol evening

Tuesday 18.12

carrot and tarragon soup

Meatballs in a sort of goulash, Spag, green beans

Wednesday 19.12

smoked salmon, potato pancakes, sour cream, beetroot horseradish puree

fried parsnips, 5-spice red cabbage, lentils, potatoes

I tried microwave baking small potatoes but it didn't work

Thursday 20.12

WR pakoras

SpiceTailor Korma sauce with mushrooms, potato, spinach; rice

Friday 21.12

fried hake, turkish turnip, potatoes

ie, turnip with chilli, lemon juice, dill, fresh mint - this is really good

choc and pear cake

Saturday 22.12

Lunch: curly pasta with cream broc chilli

Dinner: At Chris's

I did some ciabatta-style bread, one with kalonji+ onion, other with olives and fennel seed

Sunday 23.12

Lunch: spag tomato and basil

Dinner: chickpeas, chorizo, cabbage, fried potatoes

Lemon curd, oranage slices, brioche, cream

WR have "essential" brioche, a little Marie Antoinette, I think.. I finished finnegans wake

Monday 24.12

Lunch: bulghar, turnip, beetroot, broc ie leftovers

Dinner: Diana and Martin

Aubergine slices, pomegranate molasses and oil glaze, pomegranat seeds, mint leaves, toasted walnuts

(Diana) Moroccan lamb and apricots, couscous

Tuesday 25.12

Lunch: with Mum

smoked salmon, celeriac remoulade, capers

Guineau fowl with sausage-prune- chestnut-giblet stuffing, roast WR Heritage potates, roast squash, sprouts and bacon

Christmas pud

Stilton and remains of cheese from last weekend

Tea: beetroot, pomegranate seeds, chickpeas, pinekernels, salad

Wednesday 26.12

Lunch: with Connie and Chas

Tartiflette, cos salad

Pears fried in butter, almonds, shortbread

Dinner: Smoked salmon, mayo with chilli and garlic, salad

Guinea fowl, lentils, cabbage, rice

Thursday 27.12

parsnip and celeriac hash (tried to make pakora but failed)

aubergine and chickpea curry (tamarind and coconut)

Friday 28.12

WR brie and tomato tarts

Celeriac cubes in pancetta; risotto with peas

Saturday 29.12

Lunch: spag alla puttanesca

Dinner: Michael

Cod fillet, cockles and chorizo, spinach with lemon

Confit of duck, butter beans, sourdough ciabatta, salad

we had a *really* fab claret Vieux Ch Certan

Chestnut cake, chestnut sorbet

reamins of cheese

Sunday 30.12

Lunch: wr spinach ravioli

Dinner: salad, croutons, pine kernels squash, celeriac, beetroot with stilton

Monday 31.12

venison tenderloin (poss best meat of the year), sloe gin sauce, peas, potato and celeriac rosti

xmas pud


jan 1 lunch spag, tomatoes

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