february 2012

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Wednesday 1.2

salad of beetroot, orange, mint, lentils, feta

pork slices, cream and mushroom sauce, peas, potatoes

Thursday 2.2

spag bol

peaches, brioche

Friday 3.2

Ate out


Saturday 4.2
-Friday 10.2

Tracey went away on a jolly and had all sorts of strange things, Colin stayed at home and ate spag

Saturday 11.2

Dinner: lambs kidneys, chorizo, spinach, rosti

Gu passion fruit mousses or something

Sunday 12.2

Lunch: red lentils with tomatoes and basil; fried potato

Dinner: Squash and spinach curry (peanut and coconut), red cabbage with allspice, basmati and wildrice

coincidentally Waitrose were selling squash from Senegal, and I ran into Michael, who is going on holiday there next week. So that inspired this recipe (but maybe I stole it from what I had in Clyde's a week ago). Not sure what the red cabbage has to do with it though.

Pave and cream

Monday 13.2

tarlets of crab and asparagus, funny mushrooms

figs, ginger, cream, biscuits

Tuesday 14.2

Cod, split peas, fried potatoes

Gingerbread, raisins, wishky

Wednesday 15.2

WR boreks


Thursday 16.12

Sardines, mint, radishes

Aubergine and squash in olive oil, dill; halloumi; quinoa, salad

Friday 17.2

Ate out

India Lounge

Saturday 18.2

Lunch: something with quinoa

Dinner: WR spinach felafel, yog-tahini sauce, mint, salad, radishes

slow cooked pork belly with 5-spice, braised red cabbage, WR red heritage potatoes

Sunday 19.2

Lunch: Ate out

Colin suggested a long ride, to Shipston on Stour. We got as far as Chipping Campden and Stow. We found a nice place to eat in Stow

Guineau fowl stuffed with couscous, roast potatoes, Moroccan carrot salad

Maison Blanc pear tarts

Monday 20.2

sweet potato and peanut soup

fennel, tomatoes, olives, ciabatta

Tuesday 21.2

Fried celeriac, gorgonzola, green beans, toast

Pancakes, with chocolate and boozy apricots

Wednesday 22.12

carrot tart

GF legs, cabbage and chorizo, potatoes

Thursday 23.2

felafel, celeriac and cabbage coleslaw

mushrooms (portabello and shiitake) with pearl barley, green beans

Friday 24.2

Ate out


Saturday 25.2

Lunch: macaroni, broc and cauli, gorgonzola sauce

Dinner: Duck confit, haricots, walunt bread, salad

sticky toffee pudding, wishky sauce

Sunday 26.12

Lunch: Ate out

The Talbot, with mum

Dinner: moussaka, salad

but without lamb

Monday 27.2

Ginger parsnip soup

Fried halloumi, peppers, chilli, potatoes with lemon; rocket

Tuesday 28.2

goats cheese, beetroot, hazlenuts on toast

WR cheesecake

Wednesday 29.2

pasta with guineau fowl, leeks, porcini, truffle oil

mango, pineapple, passion fruit with rum and mango liqueur, chilli, ginger biscuits

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