february 2011

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Tuesday 1.2

fried WR boreks, pea shoots

Salad of pea shoots with fried sweet potato, peppers, chilli, brie, ciabatta

Wednesday 2.2

Fried halloumi, beetroot and spring onion in harissa, pea shoots

Pheasant legs, green lentils, membrillo, savoy, rosti

Thursday 3.2

Tartlets of mushroom chesnut creme fraiche; savoy cabbage, mashed potato

I used 1/3 of the 500g pack of puff pastry, used the largest tartlet tins. 4 large mushrooms, about 12 chestnuts, 1 egg, a large glob of creme fraiche and a tbs of SR flour. Cooked 25 mins gas 5. Good.

Mango, pineapple, banana, ginger

Friday 4.2

ate out

Royal Well with John

Saturday 5.2

Lunch: 4 seasons Powick, Mum, Jonathan Jude Jason James

Dinner: Goose leg, flageolets, fried potato, shallots with thyme and balsamic

Sunday 6.2

Lunch: spag with anchovies and olives

Dinner: WR prawn and scallop parcels

celeriac and potato and Stilton gratin, green beans

Monday 7.2


Figs, apricots, prunes with cinnamon, creme fraiche

Tuesday 8.2

WR dolmades

Stoved Jerusalems with thyme and rosemary, green beans, bruschette

Wednesday 9.2

halloumi, chickpeas, beetroot

Jonathan had got us some balsamic with cocoa nibs which I used here, it's not that distictive though

Lamb with spices, spinach with onion and garlic, kalonji and amchoor; rice

Thursday 10.2

Grilled leeks, chickpeas with lemon, orange zest, garlic, olives; potatoes

Chestnuts, creme fraiche with orange and lemon zest, maple syrup

Friday 11.2

Ate out


Saturday 12.2

Lunch: pasta with mushrooms and cream

Dinner: alaskan salmon, sauce of lemon mustard dill cream, peas, new potatoes

Bread and butter pudding with the Pandoro, lemon custard, limoncello

Sunday 13.2

-Friday 18.2

Tracey went to Copenhagen and Colin doesn't want to record what he cooked

Saturday 19.2

Lunch: egg noodles, savoy cabbage with peanut and tamarind sauce

1 tsp tamarind and about 2 tbs peanuts, also ginger and garlic

Dinner: Ate out


Sunday 20.2

Lunch: dhal and rice

Dinner: At William and Geraldine's party

Monday 21.2

Jerusalems, sliced thick and fried with garlic cloves, hazlenuts, sage leaves

Veggie haggis, mashed swede, braised red cabbage, barley

Tuesday 22.2

Kidney beans with chipotle-tomato-garlic, an attempt at wheat tortillas, salad of blanched savoy in lime mayonnaise

I have got the dough nice and thin bit they still come out rigid, not soft

Rhubarb, cream, toasted panodoro

Wednesday 23.2

Felafel fried; peppadew with yoghurt

Braised little gems, sauce of garlic and ground almonds; barley with barberries, fried apricot kernels and shallot with allspice, lime and olive oil

a bit of a Brosh rip-off

Thursday 24.2

Fried haggis, chutney

Salad of parsnips fried in ras, pecan, orange, red cabbage, quinoa, chilli

nice but not at all wine-friendly

Friday 25.2

Ate Out


Saturday 26.2

Lunch: egg noodles, savoy and swede with miso

Dinner: bruschette with tomatoes/basil and artichoke puree/pinoli

Sea-veg pasta, cockles, bacon; spinach and cream

Pear fried, with toasted panodoro, pear williams, cream

Sunday 27.2

Lunch: red cabbage, bacon, soured cream+paprika, bulghar

Haddock, sauce of cream, tomatoes, saffron, peas, fried potato cakes

Filo parcels of pear and cherries in Kirsch, cream+yog+Kirsch

Monday 28.2

Salad of red peppers, artichokes, rocket, parmesan, ciabatta

Lemon and lime curd, panadoro

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