february 2010

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Monday 1.2

Veal escalopes, mushrooms, green beans, rice

Raspberries, shortbread, creme fraiche

Tuesday 2.2

Steak, red wine sauce, spinach, mashed potatoes

Raspberries, pear, shortbread/amaretti, creme fraiche

Wednesday 3.2

Suma Pea soup

Beef in Guinness, red cabbage, mash

Thursday 4.2

Mushroom soup

linguine with chicken livers and paprika, salad

Friday 5.2

cauli in sri lanka curry, green beans, rice

fried bananas and rum

Saturday 6.2

Lunch: probably spag

Dinner: Guineau fowl with couscous pinekernels dried tomatoes; roast potatoes

WR custard and raspberry tarts

Sunday 7.2

Lunch: probably spag again

Dinner: Borscht

Fish, puy lentils, fried potatoes

Monday 8.2

Asparagus soup (Baxters)

GF legs, chicory, fried potatoes

Tuesday 9.2

Asparagus soup (Baxters)

lambs kidneys, spinach, mashed potatoes

Wednesday 10.2


Sausages, peas, onion gravy, mash

this was the day my appetite became almost normal

Thursday 11.2

Salad of watercress, stewed peppers, peppadew, artichokes, pinekernels; ciabatta

Rhubarb, cream, biscuits

Friday 12.2

Zucchine agrodolce (anchovies, currants, pine kernels)

Spag bol, salad (a nice one from the Co-op)

Saturday 13.2

Lunch: spag with student special (tuna and tomatoes)

Dinner: rack of lamb, black olive crust, flageolets, salad, bread

WR exotic fruit salad with coconut, chilli, rum

Sunday 14.2

Lunch: spag with artichokes and hazlenuts

Dinner: marinated anchovies on toast

Imam bayeldi, felafel, hummus, pitta

Monday 15.2

fennel, tomato, olive, potato bake; courgettes; tomatoes garlic basil

8oz potato, sliced thinly, 1 bulb fennel, 1/4 onion all sliced thinly. 4 overndried tomatoes some black olive dash of Pernod. Layer half the potatoes then the fennel onions etc in a sensible way. Also squirt of tomato puree, some water. Top with rest of potatoes. Some olive oil on top. Bake in oven, maybe it was 1.5 hrs? I was doing cakes also. Sometimes had the lid on sometimes not. Give it a squash down when things start to cook so the top potatoes are ok.

Chocolate and prune cake

1 egg. 4 floz oil. 3oz sugar, 3.5 oz SRflour, 1 heaped tbs cocoa, zest 1/2 orange, 4oz prunes chopped. Beat up egg sugar oil, fols in flour and cocoa, then zset and prunes. 7in round tin, gas 4 for 35-40 mins, sort of works but maybe I had it too high up in the oven cos more cooked on outside.

Tuesday 16.2

Salad (radicchio, spinach, rocket), venison steaks in pepper and balsamic (cut into strips), new potatoes (avocado oil)


made with water not milk. they'll do

Wednesday 17.6

Pork burger, lime juice; kidney beans and tomatoes and chilli; rice

Thursday 18.2

Mackerel fishcakes, spinach with lemon, mayo with garlic and lemon zest

1 potato, something over 8oz mashed, 1tbs egg, some cooked onion, a little mustard, 1 mackerel fillet. Make 4 cakes, dust in flour then fry.

Chocolate and prune cake, cream

Friday 19.2

Lunch: chicken, mushrooms, cashews, oyster sauce, noodles

at last I am recovering from nearly 6 weeks of illness, which seems to have been due to a virus.

Dinner: Marinated anchovies with lettuce

Paella, more lettuce

Saturday 20.2

Lunch: cauli and pasta cheese

Duck breasts with olives and Cointreau, green beans, rosti

Sunday 21.2

Breakfast: mackerel kedgeree

Lunch: couscous with squash, courgette, chickpeas

Dinner: Ate out

Monday 22.2

Gratin of celeriac and mushrooms, new potatoes, lettuce

Blackberry and apple, toasted oats, cream

Tuesday 23.2

Oriental coleslaw and rice noodle salad, fried cashews

Usual cabbage and carrot but also pickled ginger, peppadew, wasabi mayo, rice wine, 1/2 bundle rice noodles boiled then rinsed and cooled. This was nice

Chilli Chicken thighs, PSB in sesame oil, rice

Marinade was 1 tbs each dark sugar, tomato puree; 1" ginger, 2 clove garlic 1 small potent chilli ; 1/2 tbs each soy, rice wine, vinegar). 3 big thighs, slashed skin, marinated. Then roasted in over for 1 hour (did this yesterday with the gratin). Then reheated in saucepan and grilled at end to crisp the skin. 2 thighs were enough.

I have at last made it back to work but only part time this week and I have needed that extra time at home to catch up on eating. I have been having 2 lunches a day. I lost about 9-10lbs of weight over the course of the illnesses, mostly muscle, and I need to eat the right sort of stuff and that's not cream cakes.

Wednesday 24.2

Lentil and squash soup, caramelised onions and chilli

From Nigel Slater kitchen diary book, but we didn't stint on the chilli

Chicory and stilton gratin, new potatoes

3 heads, halved and caramelised. Then under grill with stilton.

Thursday 25.2

5-spice pork, white cabbage, new potatoes

chestnut cake

Friday 26.2

Ate out

Saturday 27.2

Lunch: thai rice noodles with january king cabbage and the remains of the pork

Dinner: M+S provencal fish soup, croutons, rouille, parmesan

Steak with porcini, mushrooms, truffoil, gnocchi

Sunday 28.2

Lunch: spag with bacon and artichokes

Dinner: Ful mesdames

Lamb cutlets, aubergine puree, new potatoes

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