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Sloe Gin

(1.1.2010) For 2.

5tbs sloe gin, 3 sheets Costa gel, water. Soak gel to soften, then heat some of the water and dissolve the gel. Add sloe gin and enough water to make 250ml. Put in a cool place and investigate it occasionally to check when it is starting to set. When it does, stir it up and decant into little bowls.
The set is firmish, I might try experimenting with a bit less
We crumbled amaretti on top, to go with this

Panna Cotta and similar things

Lemon curd & orange flower water set yoghurts

(4/5/2009) For 2. Juice of 1 lemon, 1.5 tbs sugar, 1 med egg, 0.5 tbs butter. Whisk juice, sugar, egg; melt butter & slowly cook the juice-egg mix to a curd. Soak 1.5 Costa leaves gelatine and dissolve in the warm curd, then add dregs of cream and enough thick yog to make 10 floz. And some OFW too. Let it almost set then decant into little pudding bowls

(13/6/2009) For 5 (Mark Navah Kathy)
For the lemon curd: 2 unwaxed lemons, zest and juice; 2 large eggs, 5-6 tbs sugar, 1 tbs butter, 1 tbs ofw
3.5 leaves Costa gel, 1 big tub Greek style yog
Make curd as above. then add zest and ofw. Soak the gel and dissolve into warm curd. This makes about 10floz, maybe a bit more.
Add about a whole big tub of Greek style yog to make 24floz, check the flavour.
Cool in fridge until nearly set (2-3 hrs), mix up then decant into a small loaf/terrie tin. I had buttered the sides and also lined with cling film. I did this about 12midday and it was fine at 8pm.
Served it with ras caramel and orange slices

Crown Prince Squash panna cotta

Crown Prince pannacotta, caramelised hazlenuts and caramel-wattleseed sauce.

(30/12/2009) For 3 (Michael)

This is sort of from D E-M's dessert book. I used about 8oz of CPS flesh, enough when cooked are pureed to fill a small pud-bowl. I made custard with 1 egg 2 tbs sugar, 5floz cream/milk (8floz) then at least intended to make the custard up to 10flz with more cream but not sure if I did. Total didn't quite fill 3 bowls. Used 1.5 leaves gelatine, which turned out about right.

Caramel with wattleseed, I wanted to make sheets but this time it stuck to the (oiled) paper and I'm not sure why it didn't work this time when it had before. Maybe have to let it cool more.

Tartes tatin

Mango tt.

(31/12/2009) For 2

1 mango, sliced. Pastry made with 1.5 oz flour and 3/4oz butter and 1 tsp sugar. Some green peppercorns. 2tbs sugar

The small cast iron frying pan

Dissolve the sugar in some water in the pan then boil it hard until it starts to go golden. Then you have to make sure it browns evenly by shaking and swirling the pan. The trick is to let it go almost dangerously dark. You should feel it burn your eyeballs. Then bung in the peppercorns then the mango slices. This can sit and wait now.

Roll out the pastry and cover the mango, bake at gas 5 for 30 mins.


TT for 4, use the big enamel gratin dish. You may think this can serve 6 but 4 will eat it all too easily.

Dark caramel is fun but it can dominate subtle flavours. I did quince once, but it was a bit wasted. Pear and Apple are good.

Savoury possibilities are beetroot and parsnip.